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Acerca de los productos ProKennex
ProKennex El staff de tennisya.com puede guiarle para resolver cualquier duda ó consulta respecto a la linea de Raquetas de Tennis ProKennex y puede ayudarle a tomar la mejor decisión con respecto a sus necesidades. Por favor, no dude en consultarnos.
Diccionario de Tecnologías ProKennex


Ionic technology delivers advancement to the famed Kinetic Technology
adding a Jetron? fill to the chambers. Jetron? is a remarkable inelastic composition of ionizing carbon structures used as a coating for the
Kinetic? mass and chambers, creating a completely clean and unique
feel of pure atomic energy.


Modern tennis moves so fast that even the pros have little time to set up.
The Kinetic? System increases your odds for great contact by freeing you
from the tyranny of the sweet spot. When the Kinetic? chambers release
their stored energy it gives this energy to the racquet. This new momentum stabilizes the entire hitting surface. Your shot is more precise even if you
hit the ball off-center.


When you strike a ball with a Core1 racquet each of the independent graphite
cylinders creates a separate, opposing shock wave. When the two opposing
shock waves meet at the wood spine they counteract and cancel out each other,
eliminating the harsh negative impact shock and vibration.
The wood spine then transmits only the remaining clean, responsive, organic
feel in your hand.
It's lightweight power with feel.

The Result: The player feels the ball on the strings because much of the
disruptive initial shock is eliminated while the wood shapes the vibrations
into information a player can use.

Benefits: Better feel of the ball on the strings, more focused energy transfer,
better control, easier on the body.

Precision Engineering

Designed and manufactured with exacting specifications for competition
players with a keen recognition that an accomplished tournament player
requires minimal tolerance in manufacturing, design and engineering

ProKennex offers a ?one at a time? manufacturing technique that ensures
the most narrow variance possible between frames.

Heritage racquets will appeal to players with advanced game styles and
who put a premium on precision versus technology.

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